• 01:00 am

    Three women from very different backgrounds decide to come together to start new careers and become business partners. MBA Partners delicately combines friendship, love and drama to create this feel-good movie for contemporary women.

    Yao Chen, Aaron Kwok, Li Chen, Yan Tang

    TaeYou Chang

  • 03:00 am

    Stephen Chow returns in this hilarious and heartwarming tale of a father and son who discover an adorable alien in the trash.

    Stephen Chow, Xu Jiao, Kitty Zhang

    Stephen Chow

  • 05:00 am

    Chinese Feng Shui master, Carson (Chapman To) was a "Natural Born Player", taking names and breaking hearts. Fate had it that he would meet his match, the hot veterinarian, Chi-Ling (Chrissie Chau). It was love at first sight but neither could stand the other's fickle nature lest the affair might have ended as soon as it began.

    Chrissie Chow, Chapman To

    Jing Wong

  • 07:00 am

    This sequel to "A Better Tomorrow" tells about the brother of a dead gangster who joins forces with a police officer and an ex-gangster to fight crime in Hong Kong.

    Chow Yun Fat, Dean Shek, Leslie Cheung, Ti Lung

    John Woo

  • 09:00 am

    Cheung Bo-Man (Simon Yam) used to be an elite in the police force. He was an idol among the younger police cadets for being an ace shooter, highly observant and had a calm demeanor. This all changed when his wife was murdered by the triads. However, after the murder of his wife by triads, he lost the motivation to live and sunk into depression. His relationship with his daughter also deteriorated. At this time, he was given the task of investigating the murder and kidnappings of high level triad leaders. During the investigation, he found out that the person behind the crimes was a former police officer (Michael Miu) and his men who were former SDU members. Being knowledgeable about the procedures that the police undertook during operations, they were always one step ahead of the authorities. The ex-police officer, however, finds out that Cheung Bo-Man is hot on his trail and soon an action-packed climactic encounter will ensue...

    Simon Yam, Michael Miu, Andy On, Fala Chen

    Keung Kwok Man

  • 11:00 am

    The key to Sam and Barbara's relationship is the very act of breaking up! After 99th breakup, they decide to solidify a future together by running their own café. Ironically, the café's success begins to drive a wedge between Sam and Barbara, and the prospect of a 100th, and most likely final, break up looms...

    Ekin Cheng, Chrissie Chau, Ivana Wong

    Lawrence Cheng

  • 01:00 pm

    Detective Sergeant Jun Ma's (Donnie Yen) lifelong enemy is a triad gang of three brothers - eldest brother the bully Archer (Lui Leung Wai); second brother the cool calculator Tony (Collin Chou); youngest brother the fighter Tiger. In order to fight them from within, Jun has planted a mole, Wilson (Louis Koo), who has managed to gain the complete trust of the gang. But over the years Wilson has become more and more unhappy with Jun’s impulsive and unruly style...

    Donnie Yen, Louis Koo, Fan Bing Bing, Ray Liu, Collin Chou, Kent Cheng

    Wilson Yip

  • Must Watch

    The Canine Coach

    Host: Eric Ko, Omi Kwong

    cHK SUPERSTAR: Stephen Chow

    Catch Hong Kong superstar Stephen Chow every Friday night on cHK!

    On His Majesty's Secret Service

    Cast:  Louis Koo, Barbie Hsu, Sandra Ng, Fan Siu Wong

    From Vegas to Macau 3

    Cast:  Chow Yun Fat, Andy Lau, Nick Cheung, Jacky Cheung

    My Wife is a Gambling Maestro

    Cast: Nick Cheung Ka-Fai, Natalie Meng Yao

    Black Comedy

    Cast: Wong Cho Lam, Chapman To, Jim Chim, Kimmy Tong

    Hotel Soul Good

    Cast:  Chrissie Chau, Louis Cheung, Eric Kot, Maggie Shiu

    100 Days of Love

    Cast: Stephanie Cheng, William Liao


    Host: Chapman To

    03:00 pm

    Internet songwriter Jamie (Cherry Ngan) is gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory. One day, she was kidnapped by Yung (Ronald Cheng), a street punk, to a remote fish raft. In the hope to flee with the only ability she has, Jamie offers to give a spiritual music therapy to Yung. The two who have nothing in common begin to form an intimate bond through music…

    Ronald Cheng, Cherry Ngan, Chrissie Chau

    Fung Chih-Chiang

  • 05:00 pm

    A young female Mongolian wrestler goes to Japan to find her long-lost mysterious friend but is tricked into participating in a mud wrestling competition which she cannot quit.

    William Chan, Li Feier, Cheng Pei Pei

    Casey Chan

  • 07:00 pm

    Eric together with his doggy partners, Teeny and Kiko look into the common behavorial problems of cannie and provide tips to deal with them.

    Eric Ko

  • 07:30 pm

    "Gone with the Wind" takes you to Afghanistan, Burma, North Korea, Fukushima and France to explore the great stories of people who would risk everything - just to make the world a better place. Like Aung San Suu Kyi, who fights for freedom and democracy for the people in Burma; the volunteers in the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster; and the journalists who dare to unveil the cruel realities of war. They all fight for different reasons, but their impact on the world is equally significant.

    Christopher Wong

  • 08:00 pm

    "Cuisine Top Secret" is a brand new food-and-cooking show, taking you to every corner of Hong Kong for the best local cuisine. Besides knowing the origins of these delicious food, the show examines how they are made, and why they become so popular in town. Viewers will have a better understanding and association with our culture.

    Felix Wong, Adrian Wong, Dominic Lam, David Chiang

  • 08:30 pm

    Join Hong Kong artist Jason Chan on different adventures as he set out to discover the city’s hidden gems which only locals know! Find out new places to explore as you plan your next trip to Hong Kong!

    Jason Chan

  • 09:00 pm

    Natalie Yao Meng stars as the gambling queen, Ying Ying, who is a contender for the Asian God of Gamblers competition. But before the competition she is betrayed by her fiancé and left for dead. Rescued by a young man called Gerrard (Nick Cheung) but suffering from amnesia, Ying Ying, must recover in time to compete in the big event!

    Nick Cheung Ka-Fai, Natalie Meng Yao, Cheung Tat Ming, Chan Kwok-Kwan, Wong Jing

    Wong Jing

  • 11:00 pm

    Hong Kong is well known as a modern metropolis. However, it has masked mysterious side which you do not expect! Follow our Hong Kong host David Siu as he investigates urban legends and stories across Hong Kong!

    David Siu

  • 11:30 pm

    Demon’s Path’ is an adaptation of true crime stories which made headlines in Hong Kong, including the 1974 Happy Valley Carton case, the 1984 Queen Elizabeth Building case, and the 2011 Amoy Gardens case. The story revolves around three murderers. As the tale unfolds, the paths of these prime suspects somehow become intertwined while they continue to plot and commit even more murders in order to conceal their evil deeds

    Jim Man, Power Chan, Ai Wai, Elanne Kwong, Mak Ling Ling, Kate Yeung

    Ong Yi Hing, Sunny Lau